The Ethical Candle Choice: Discover LumenFlows

Do you want to elevate your home with fragrances that don't cost the earth? Discover LumenFlows - candles that spread both light and warmth, with care for our planet and all its inhabitants.

An environmentally friendly light

Our passion for sustainability permeates everything we do. We use a certified blend of coconut and rapeseed wax, which provides a cleaner burn and minimal impact on the environment. Wooden wicks and glass jars with wooden lids complete the natural feel, and everything is designed with recycling in mind.


Compassion through vegan ingredients

We believe that beauty and well-being should not come at the expense of animals. Therefore, all our products are vegan and free from animal products. The plant-based ingredients give a clean and natural scent that both you and the environment can enjoy.

Fragrance, but not at the cost of animals

LumenFlows stands for animal-friendly products and production. We guarantee that no animal testing is carried out on our products or ingredients.By choosing us, you contribute to a more compassionate world.

Our promise to you

We are more than just a brand - we are a community that believes in making conscious choices for a better future. Each LumenFlows candle represents our commitment to sustainability, compassion, and ethical responsibility.

Join us on this journey of light and inspiration! Together we can make a difference, one scent at a time.

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