About LumenFlows

Emil Stridfeldt

Hello there! I'm Emil Stridfeldt, a 34-year-old IT enthusiast on a journey to infuse a bit of magic into your homes. By day, I navigate the digital realms of information technology, but my heart resides in the world of home fashion and the warm glow of candles.

The inspiration for LumenFlows came from a simple desire – to find candles that not only lit up a room but did so with a commitment to ecological mindfulness. Frustrated by the scarcity of options, I decided to blend my IT expertise with my passion for candles, birthing the idea of a home fragrance haven that embraces both sustainability and style.

Picture this: a dance of a wider flame and a slight crackle, all thanks to the magic of a coconut and rapeseed blend paired with the soothing presence of a wooden wick. The decision to opt for a wooden wick adds an ecological touch, creating a candle that burns not just longer but with an intriguing inconsistency, making each moment uniquely enchanting.

As for scents, I started with ones close to my heart – those sweet and fruity notes that bring a smile. But LumenFlows is not just about my preferences; it's a blend of personal favorites and traditional fragrances to cater to diverse tastes. After all, a fragrance should be an invitation, not an imposition.

The name LumenFlows holds a dual essence – "Lumen," a measure of light, symbolizing the warm glow of our candles, and "Flows," signifying both the flow of light and the delightful flow of fragrance that permeates your space.

In the world of IT, I embrace the power of artificial intelligence to streamline my efforts, ensuring that I have more time to create and connect. While my journey on social media is still unfolding, I'm excited about the prospect of blending bits and bytes with the cozy charm of LumenFlows.

This is more than just candles; it's a journey of creating moments, sparking connections, and bringing a touch of eco-friendly elegance to your home.

Welcome to LumenFlows – where light meets scent in a dance of warmth and wonder.